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Re: [tlug] Disposing of a hard drive (How to proceed with RAID drive failure)

Kalin, Romeo, TLUG, et al,

In the final round of monkey versus hard drive, I tried to see if I
could break the metal platters in any way.

I used tools, like a hammer and a hole punch, but it wouldn't go
through. Part of the problem was simply that I don't have a good
vice-grip or anything, so the hard disks would slide around,
preventing me from getting good leverage on them.

I tried pliers and wire snips and things to try and cut them, but I
don't have anything strong enough to cut through metal that thick.

Also, all three plates are bound together with a set of metal rings
and bolts in the centre, which is itself quite robust, so I couldn't
get them apart from each other. I tried placing screwdrivers between
them and prying them apart to no avail.

I found this large pole attached to a cement block outside my
apartment, and so I used it, sledgehammer style, to try and pound the
hard drives, and I managed to bend them into a near 90 degrees, as
well as scratching and denting the hell out of 'em.

In the end, I was never able to actually break them. Monkey
disappointed. However, I think I've made them unreadable, and while
this made an interesting project, time to get on with other monkey

Thanks for the tips and information about how hard drives work!

Dave M G

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