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Re: [tlug] Disposing of a hard drive (How to proceed with RAID drive failure)

"Nikolay Elenkov" <> writes:

> 2011年 7月 15日(金)3:24 pm に Martin G さんは書きました:
>> Anyway... what I really wanted to talk about was disposing of my old,
>> faulty drive.
> ..
>> I could just use my evolutionary ape-attack powers and smash it into
>> bits with a rock. Which I'm not opposed to, but I have the feeling if
>> I do that I'll be finding shards of hard drive in my apartment for
>> months to come.

If Martha Stewart had a hard disk to destroy (and maybe she did,
actually) she might go for something like this:

I tried it a few years ago and it worked out pretty well. Also got some
amazing magnets out of it. According to this article the magnets have
practical uses besides pinning an unruly child to the fridge:


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