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Re: [tlug] Disposing of a hard drive: Rare Earth Magnets; Glass Sharp Edges wrote:

> Also got some amazing magnets out of it. 

Yup. Them's good. You can recycle them into hybrid cars[1]. 

> ... pinning an unruly child to the fridge:

Of course, that's what they really get used for. 


Keep in mind that newish drive platters are made of glass, 
not metal. You can bend the old metal ones, but the new glass 
ones break with sharp edges. I know of more than one person 
who has cut himself doing so. Need some tiny Torx bits? 


    Rare earth elements are not so. 
    Sell your magnets before new production as below and in 
    Mountain Pass, California drives the prices back down.
    Where's Howard Hughes when we need him? 

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