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[tlug] Disposing of a hard drive (How to proceed with RAID drive failure)


Uh... I think I just sent a duplicate draft email to the list... sorry
about that.

Anyway... what I really wanted to talk about was disposing of my old,
faulty drive.

Even though it's suffered some kind of hardware failure so that the
data on it is probably inaccessible, I'm paranoid and so I want to
make sure the data is truly destroyed before disposing it. Who knows,
maybe some Bundesnachrichtendienst agent will suddenly take an
interest in me and repair the drive.

I could just use my evolutionary ape-attack powers and smash it into
bits with a rock. Which I'm not opposed to, but I have the feeling if
I do that I'll be finding shards of hard drive in my apartment for
months to come.

Is there a slick and smooth way to destroy a drive so that I can be
100% sure it will not reveal my secrets ever again?

Dave M G

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