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Re: [tlug] Disposing of a hard drive (How to proceed with RAID drive failure)

Stephen, Nikolay, Edward, TLUG, et al,

Thanks for responding.

Deciding that Stephen was right in that there was an opportunity for
catharsis here, I decided to activate my monkey-smash powers and crush
the hard drive. I'm a purist, so instead of tools, I opted for a large
rock in a garden area beside my apartment.

The hard drive did pretty well against the rock, being that smashing a
low profile mostly metal case is tough to do, even when turned on its

Dropping it from high, or throwing it into the air was also not quite
so effective. They do a pretty good job with these hard drives these
days, it seems.

In the end, the best hard drive smashing technique turned out to be
throwing it straight at the ground (pavement) really hard.

Eventually, I was down to three, thick metal plates. I thought these
would be glass and therefor the most breakable part. But they are not
only not glass, they are about a sixteenth inch thick and damn near
indestructible. I've put some dents in 'em, but I'm not convinced I'm
making them unreadable.

Monkey confused. How do I destroy these?

Dave M G

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