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Re: [tlug] Disposing of a hard drive (How to proceed with RAID drive failure)

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 1:34 PM, Martin G <> wrote:
> In the final round of monkey versus hard drive, I tried to see if I
> could break the metal platters in any way.
> I used tools, like a hammer and a hole punch, but it wouldn't go
> through. Part of the problem was simply that I don't have a good
> vice-grip or anything, so the hard disks would slide around,
> preventing me from getting good leverage on them.  ............

Just gotta say that was a lot of fun to read!  I could almost say
"been there, done that", but your experience sounds a lot funner!
(And funnier!)

In a really old drive I took apart (40MB), it was actually constructed
so you could disassemble the whole thing with a Philips screwdriver,
including the platter assembly.  It was so cool-looking though, that I
kept the platter assembly as a paper weight.

Oh - incidentally, HDD platters also make very cool mirrors!  With a
typical mirror, the light goes through the glass, reflects of the
material on the back side, and then goes back through the glass.  With
an HDD platter, you get a nice, sharp image right off the surface with
no glass in the way.

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