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[tlug] Is show and hide good enough?


My current project is using Javascript, but I think this might be a
wider programming sort of question.

I have an interface in which the user opts to see or not see a set of
options. Fairly standard stuff, I think.

The thing is that it's easy enough to make the set of options display
or not display. I simply have the Javascript toggle the CSS on a
containing DIV to be either hidden or not. Easy peasy.

However, this means that the HTML code for the hidden interface is
still there, so, I guess if someone were to over ride the CSS they
would be able to use it. It's hard to imagine exactly why anyone would
want to do that, but, I always feel that it's not about what people
might do, it's about what they could do, and you want to have maximal
control over that.

So my question is sort of a "best practices" question. Is it good
enough just to hide the interface when the user clicks to hide it, or
should I do something else to make the interface more disabled and

Any thoughts and advice would be most welcome.

Dave M G

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