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Re: [tlug] Re: Unlocked Android phone

Shawn writes:

 > It's the requirements of the GPL that I am less clear on.

If you're referring to the fact that the Linux kernel is GPL, All Hope
Abandon.  The kernel being GPL has no bite at all on userland (ie,
everything else).

 > I mean there is ATOK who obviously don't but if DoCoMo were to
 > distribute it under one package, I'm not clear on what their obligations
 > would be.

None.  grep for "mere aggregation" in the GPL.

 > Of course, even if they are obligated, I would expect them not to and
 > perhaps Japanese courts to be silent on the matter.

Of course the Japanese courts would be silent; it's a civil matter,
and therefore requires the copyright holder to bring suit.  No "claim"
(as a Japanese would say), no cause for the court to take notice.

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