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Re: [tlug] Unlocked Android phone

On 10/12/08 00:27, Ian Wells wrote:

> The fact that it's unbranded means that you can reflash it

You can also reflash branded phones. However, it's branded software that
you'll be flashing into them. The update usually requires proprietary
software from the manufacturer. The software looks at the product code of
the phone in question (which has to be connected to the computer at the
time) and downloads the relevant ROM images according to whether the product
code is that of a generic phone or that of a branded phone.

>> You can get a phone from an operator and have its SIM lock lifted
> Depends on the phone and/or operator.  Not all operators will unlock
> phones (iPhones being a primary case).  Not all phones can be unlocked
> independently of an operator unlock.

Quite, but my point was that the SIM-lock and the operator branding are
usually two totally different things.

I'm a regular participant in the user discussion forums of a well-known
mobile phone brand, and the number of times we have to explain to people
that getting the SIM-lock lifted is not going to enable them to reflash the
phone with generic, unbranded software is mind-boggling.

G. Stewart -

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        indented six feet downward and covered with dirt."
                -- Blair P. Houghton

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