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Re: [tlug] Re: Unlocked Android phone

> The difference with the G1 developer edition is that it is not only
> unbranded but explicitly allows you to flash unsigned firmware.
> You can easily use a 3G phone (provided it supports the right band) with
> a Softbank prepaid SIM (free if you buy a top-up).

Thanks for the info.

I also saw in the keitai-l archives that:

All 3G carriers in Japan sell SIM cards (i.e., accept SIM card only
> You need to go to any official carrier's shops, as resellers only
> sell subscription bundled with handset. Calling plans are exactly
> the same. Getting SIM card only subscription is in fact a subset
> of getting a SIM card subscription bundled with handset.

or so the posters there believed.

>  You will need to
> spoof the user-agent to send and receive MMS (email) though, and even
> unbranded Nokia phones make this quite annoying (you will probably need
> to hack the phone or, as I did, get a free developer cert for you
> device).

Hmmn, I am pretty insignificant in terms of being a developer so don't
know if I could get a cert.  Any tips?

I also wonder about Japanese input.  The android now has no Japanese
input though you can use "simeji" which seems to do it over a network.

If docomo were to come out with their android phone, I wonder if their
input system would be available as open-source.

Speaking of networks, before I actually order a phone, I have to figure
out how the wifi works.  I see there is are API features which include
the ability to scan, add, save, terminate and initiate Wi-Fi

I also heard there are voip apps in the works so you could make calls
that way.  Still, even if I write an app to open a wi-fi connection I
worry I won't be able to get the connection to the browser or voip app.
I wish I could be assured that getting a SIM card meant I would get
wifi.  I guess I'll have to inquire at a shop.


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