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Re: [tlug] Setting up a RAID 1 with Ubuntu (Was: Hard Drive Failure)

Dave M G wrote:
> Basically because if a RAID system relies so heavily on having the exact
> same hardware to make it work, then that's too finicky for me. In the
> time frame that I tend to replace hard drives, the same models are
> rarely still available.

You don't *need* identical drives, the point was that it doesn't make
much sense deliberately buying drives from different manufacturers.  If
you are interested in avoiding catastrophic failure checking your drive
condition with S.M.A.R.T smartmontools[1] is also a good idea.  This
will give you pre-failure indicators which may allow you to preemptively
replace a drive before it fails.

> Wouldn't I be just as well off with rsync or ghost4linux or something of
> that nature?

You are talking about the merits of backup versus raid.  This is pretty
analogous to ABS breaks(raid) and airbags(backup).  ABS might stop you
having an accident, airbags will lessen the impact.  If you have the
option of both, which you do, you should do both.



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