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Re: [tlug] Setting up a RAID 1 with Ubuntu (Was: Hard Drive Failure)


Thanks for your comments.

If what you say is true, though, I'm much less interested in doing the
RAID thing.

Basically because if a RAID system relies so heavily on having the exact
same hardware to make it work, then that's too finicky for me. In the
time frame that I tend to replace hard drives, the same models are
rarely still available.

I need a system where when a drive fails, I can replace it with whatever
is close enough and currently available, and just move data onto it. It
would be nice if I could copy over all the system settings and
everything so as not to have to go through the whole install process
every time.

Wouldn't I be just as well off with rsync or ghost4linux or something of
that nature?

Dave M G

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