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Re: [tlug] Hard Drive Failure (Was: Help! Total hardware failure)

Mark Makdad wrote:
Well, it was 36,000 JPY for the NAS storage unit including 2 drives. Should you just buy 2 drives and hook them up to your box and set up software RAID via Linux, I think you'd achieve the same effect with only the cost of 2 drives = 20,000 JPY.

You can do better then that[1] but you would be best to get identical drives if possible.

The issue here is that the NAS box is hardware RAID, so it tends to be slightly faster than software RAID. At least theoretically. Anyone want to take me on there?

For the sort of raid card in a NAS box I don't think you will notice any difference. I run everything off software raid and it works very well but it is easier if you don't configure it for your root directory. As I think someone mentioned you still need to backup because this won't help you in the

# rm -fr /

case.  Rsync can be pretty handy for doing backups[2].



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