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Re: [tlug] Why the shirts? Why TLUG?

As for that other guy accusing me of insulting the people in this
country - that's just plain wrong.  I was referring to how we
outsiders relate to one another - the starting point is in being
guests in the country, coming from afar with a different language and

You may not have meant to insult the locals, but you sure did accuse us of insulting them.

I read this paragraph:

"Training more people in these special skills undermines the monetary
value of our labor and increases the possibility of being replaced by
younger/cheaper competition.  Keeping this in mind, it's not
surprising that many on the list are perfectly happy to have Linux
remain a mysterious black magic, for then they are more likely to be
able to pay the rent and buy food!"

as meaning.

1. We are here to do something the locals cannot do.
2. We do not want to teach anyone as they may come up to our [level].
3. If we increase the abilities of the locals then we will make
ourselves redundant.
4. We are gate keepers trying to exclude people.
5. We act as if what we know is a great and mysterious wonderment.
6. We do most of these underhanded, nasty things in order to maintain
a pay packet.

I've already stated that I do not think the locals are inept, but I
will add that if I had the attitude you outlined above then I would
not offer help on the list or at work. I'm inherently lazy and want to
make myself redundant so I can move onto other things that interest
me. I love to teach and be taught. Nothing i know is mysterious, rare,
unique or even very interesting, but it it helps then I will give what
I know away freely. I do get paid for my work and want to continue to
be paid for my work and will probably die a horrible capitalist death
due to this fact.

Last point I think the main reason why I can work within IT in Japan
is because I can speak English - and turn on a server or two. As an IT
bloke I'm not going to race out and start teaching English, and this
is not to avoid being replaced by some English speaking Japanese
bloke, or blockette.

So, whilst you may not have said the locals are ignorant you sure did
infer that some of us do.

Regards, Keith

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