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Re: [tlug] Why the shirts? Why TLUG?

On 4/23/07, javajunkie <> wrote:
Honestly, it is difficult to suggest that those "in the know" on this
list do anything but give too much information to anyone who asks.

Keep in mind that people give their assistance/advice in their free

I for one appreciate it and honestly can't understand why you would have
said that.

Yes, you have a point. This is a very helpful group, and I've received help here several times myself. What I was thinking of was in regards to Linux becoming a very commonly used tool - the way Windows is now. I still think that many on the list would just as soon that not happen. I wish I hadn't commented on that though - it obviously touched a raw nerve of one sort or another.

As for that other guy accusing me of insulting the people in this
country - that's just plain wrong.  I was referring to how we
outsiders relate to one another - the starting point is in being
guests in the country, coming from afar with a different language and
mindset.  People born and raised here are on a different footing -
naturally!  Actually, in a way, that post just proves my point - that
guy viciously attacked me over his own misreading of what I wrote.
The problem I spoke of is between foreigners, not between foreigners
and the people born and raised here!  Sort of a "best friends or worst
enemies" situation.

Anyway, sorry for that posting - I really didn't mean for that be so
inflammatory - I was just trying to explain something of expatriate
life here to someone new to the scene.


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