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Re: [tlug] Why the shirts? Why TLUG?

On 4/23/07, Keith Bawden <> wrote:
* Your posts suggest that the locals are poor and ignorant, I totally
and whole heartedly disagree with you on this point. Some of my
Japanese colleagues have been nothing short of brilliant. Others have
been incredibly incompetent. Not surprisingly the brilliance to
stupidity ratio in Japan appears to be roughly the same for all other
populations of humans I have interacted with. However you have sort of
screwed my result set for this list.

That's NOT what I said. That's NOT what I meant. That's NOT what I thought/think! In any country, foreigners that come in tend to be hired for different reasons than the regular citizens of whatever country. If you can't understand that, then you're not paying attention to things. If want to get angry at something I've said, at least let it be something I really said, and not a figment of your imagination!


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