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Re: [tlug] Re: Why the shirts? Why TLUG? (About groklaw)

Uva Coder writes:

 > > When I first joined groklaw it was to see if there was any merit to
 > > SCO:s case. I soon found out that there wasn't but I have stayed because
 > > reading the legal documents with PJ:s insightful comments is such a joy.
 > I wonder how difficult it would be to create a working model to
 > predict a likely outcome. Any real or backyard mathematicians,
 > computer scientists (or game theorists even) here for comment? :)

This is one of those cases where the map is indeed the territory.  The
law is the model, and the state is there to make reality conform to it.

I could tell you in mathematical terms that the model is neither
smooth, nor convex, nor even monotonic, but I think it's much more
useful to say, simply

        The devil is in the details -- and so is the solution.

So I guess I could say, alternatively, that "groklaw" itself is the
working model, since that is where you can learn about the details,
both which ones matter and how they apply.

That insight (about groklaw) is useful to me, anyway.  HTH you too. :-)

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