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Re: [tlug] Re: Why the shirts? Why TLUG? (About groklaw) writes:

 > > Law, I grok, but groklaw, I don't get.  It's not really an
 > > organization, though, it's just Pamela Samuelson's blog, right?

 > Pamela Jones blog, actually,

Thanks for the correction.  One anomoly down (Samuelson is a very
different persona from that of PJ on groklaw).

 > and it is "just a blog" in one sense but very much part of the open
 > source community in another.

Uh, all "live" blogs create communities, and in turn aggregate into
larger communities of related blogs and other web content.  I don't
think it's helpful to point that out here.

So, yes, I'm aware that a lot of people follow it, though I don't see
how you can possibly follow it unless you're quite religious about
following it.  No matter what I find on groklaw via google, whether
legal, social, or technical, the discussion immediately veers off in a
direction predictable only in that it's predictably useless for my
purpose-at-hand.  Of course there are high-quality discussions that
are specifically referred to by somebody, but I've stopped following
random links (including google) to groklaw.

IOW, I see that it's an institution, but I don't see what it's *good
for*, or how it helps to organize the community.  Can you enlighten

 > PJ:s blog is a strange bird in the OSS community. Technical
 > discussions, when they arise, are considered "off topic"

I don't find that strange, I think it's an obvious ecological niche
that needed to be filled.

 >The main focus is the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit

How boring.  I thought there was little remaining to be said about
that, except the technical legal manoeuvering?

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