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Re: [tlug] Open archives are bad?

Uva Coder writes:

 > I thought sharing techical content for the greater good was the goal.
 > If so then vetting would be appropriate imho. (In this case, I see
 > trolling as litter [1].)

For me the mailing list has always been social, in several senses.

The technical meetings were for sharing technical content (and they
still succeed at that, even if you exclude my/Zev's presentation on
open source licensing, because that's an exception to the trend).
There's not so much "guts-of-the-OS-and/or-distro" as there once was,
it's true.

 > I read that as "What do you want from TLUG?". Everything you want your
 > own child to accomplish. Not to repeat our mistakes. To grow and be
 > strong. Be respectful of others. Do no evil.
 > But unfortunately, the parable of the blind men and the elephant comes
 > to be more of a reality than a parable for us at times.

Of course.

 > It was a suggestion. Less administrative effort, less concern over
 > hardware failure and such come to mind.

I figure, let the kids have their hardware to pet.  How many people
buy houses primarily so their kids can have a dog?  Same thing. :-)

 > Interesting idea, but perhaps with a pseudonym. I think I come with
 > enough negative connotation to be deemed credible.

I don't know why you think your connotation is negative; as we see in
Dave M G's reply, some people don't understand where you're coming
from, but hey, that puts you in company with Buddha and Jesus, right?

Actually, I think "VT Hacker" is a decent pseudonym.  You know, it
took me months to realize that that was "V. Coder"?  Maybe the kids
are too young to remember the wonderful DEC terminals, and won't have
trouble making the connection, but I did. :-)

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