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Re: [tlug] Open archives are bad?

On 4/21/07, Dave M G <> wrote:

I don't know exactly what you mean by "peer review", but I do know that this list has no better or worse a signal to noise ratio than any other technical mailing list that I've ever been on (and I've been on quite a few).

Simply put, removing the trolling would go a long way. The peer review idea didn't go over well last time around. More about peer review in general is found here: The review would make our content more credible in the process.

There's an interesting debate to be had there about whether or not all
information used by humans is time critical, based on the perspective of
the people using it.

If you want to write a chronological article or book then yes. If you want to know about Green Frog Linux and which GCC to use with it, then's time had past. Besides do you really want to have the trolling searchable, what a waste of resources.

But, esoterica aside, I think the damage done by some information, years
old, falling out of date is far outweighed by information that is maybe
only months old being found and used.

More reason to start anew elsewhere, again google groups, especially considering the later posts would tend to be more relevent if I follow your line of reasoning.

And you never know what information may be useful later. Five years from
now a friend of yours might give you their 7 year old machine and you
decide to install something on it...

Again moving the data forward via peer review would suffice. Begin with newer threads and work our way back in time.


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