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Re: [tlug] NFS versus boot order

On 21/04/07, Dave M G <> wrote:

My NFS LAN is all set up and working. I have 3 machines all talking to
each other.

However, being a home environment where people boot machines as needed,
I've noticed a small issue.

If a server machine boots before a client, then everything is good. The
client machine automatically mounts directories on the server.

But if the client machine boots before the server, then it looks for
network drives that aren't there, doesn't find them, and doesn't mount
them. I have to manually mount (sudo mount -a) after the server is booted.

Maybe this can't be helped. But is there a way to automatically mount
the drives on the client when it needs to use the network drives?

I don't think so. I'd write a small shell script to mount/umount the drives and cron it to run every 5 minutes or so.


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