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Re: [tlug] Open archives are bad?

Uva Coder writes:

 > Simply put, removing the trolling would go a long way.

But by searching on a technical topic, almost all of the trolling will
be omitted.

Also, there are aspects to system administration that are inherently
political, especially in the neighborhood of the free software
community.  You can call it trolling if you want, and in many cases
I'd agree, but for a lot of people they're debatable points.

 > The review would make our content more credible in the process.

Sure, but to what end?

I don't really see where you're coming from.  Do you want a TLUG that
would attract wileyc back?  Me too, but it's unlikely, you know; he's
kinda busy.  Or what?

IMO, the TLUG mailing list is not an encyclopedia; it's a series of
conversations, some of which never should have been started, many of
purely historical and/or social interest, and a few which stand the
test of technical content and time.  Picking out the latter is not a
matter of peer review (ie, weeding out real losers and fixing minor
issues en passant), it requires a genuine editor.

 > More reason to start anew elsewhere, again google groups, especially
 > considering the later posts would tend to be more relevent if I follow
 > your line of reasoning.

Actually, I think that's a reason to suggest to Google that they add 2
year and 4 year options (and maybe date ranges) to their search
options, not a reason to "start over".  Unless Google Groups offers
substantial technical advantages over a mailing list archive
searchable via Google?

 > Again moving the data forward via peer review would suffice. Begin
 > with newer threads and work our way back in time.

We have a wiki, there's nothing stopping you from starting a "VT
Hacker's Best of TLUG" series of pages.  What's wrong with that?  (I'm
serious; obviously that's not the way you want to go, but it seems to
me that it fits your commentary pretty well.)

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