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[tlug] Hotmail mail encoding

Stuart Luppescu writes:

 > <DIV
 > =class=3DRTE>=E2=80=9A=C2=B1=E2=80=9A=C3=B1=E2=80=9A=C3=89=E2=80=9A=C2=BF=E2=
 > =80=9A=C3=8D=C2=81B</DIV>

Are you sure that's not

<DIV =

(note how the leading "=" of the second line becomes a trailing one in
the first line; line breaks are significant here)?

If it's the former, it's a very broken quoted-printable encoding (ie,
ASCII armor) that any self-respecting MUA will refuse to decode.  If
the latter, it's compatible with UTF-8 encoded with quoted-printable,
decoding to gibberish (as far as I can tell).

I guess you just have to make sure that you send mail to Hotmail as
ISO-2022-JP, as Neils says.

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