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Re: [tlug] Hotmail mail encoding

On Apr 22, 2007, at 12:10 AM, Stuart Luppescu wrote:

Hi, My wife got a message from someone with a hotmail account but it was
ååæååããI tried setting the encoding for reading the message to
UTF-8, shit_jis, iso-2022-jp and euc-jp. No matter what I tried, it was
garbage. The message source looks like this:

=class=3DRTE>=E2=80=9A=C2=B1=E2=80=9A=C3=B1=E2=80=9A=C3=89=E2=80=9A=C2 =BF=E2=

Anyone know what the story is with this? What's hotmail doing to it's
Japanese messages?

In my experience hotmail will only show messages right if those use the same encoding as the hotmail interface is. If you send Japanese with anything else than iso-2022-jpiirc to a hotmail-account that is set to japanese you will only get mojibake (and setting the encoding of the browser doesn't work usually). Only iso-2022-jp works iirc. It seems that hotmail does some converting on the mail and that fails horribly.
Hotmail-accounts are the reason why I set my mailer to show me always the encoding of the mail because always converts to UTF-8 if the encoding isn't set by handâ

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