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Re: [tlug] SD Card not appearing on desktop. Again.

Dave M G writes:
 > But as far as I can tell, hers doesn't have a usbhid entry, and I do. 
 > Maybe that's a problem?

I doubt it, hid = human interface device.  For you, that's spelled
"Wacom", as you can see from the output of lsmod.  Of course, if
there's a bug, anything can happen, and your gf's host doesn't seem to
have one attached, so that *is* different (machigae sagashi).  You
could try unplugging the wacom and seeing if the card shows up on your

What does /etc/fstab have on the various systems?

What does mount (with no arguments) report?

 > And yet, she gets a nice icon on her desktop, and I can't access the 
 > card at all.

What's that mean, in concrete terms?  You imply below that you can
mount it, which implies access in a very general sense.

 > Is there anything else I can test on her machine to see what's making 
 > icons happen for her?

You might try looking in the daemon.log, syslog, and/or messages (if
they exist on your distro, besides checking dmesg.  There should be a
log from mount, I would think.

Also check the udev configuration file to see what it does with
devices matching sd[a-z][1-9][0-9]* (your regexp or glob may be
different; I'm looking for a callback to mount or a script that does
the mount).

 > Godwin said:
 > > Maybe I'm just an old dinosaur, but what is wrong with mounting an
 > > external device using the keyboard anyway?

 > Nothing wrong with it. Just not how I want to do it. And I don't want to 
 > let a malfunction dictate my choices.

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