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Re: [tlug] SD Card not appearing on desktop. Again.

But, in the interest of proceeding slowly, carefully, and in a way I can
understand so I reproduce again, I figure I should ask the following
questions first:

Are these udev rules necessary (or have they been obsoleted by later
kernel configurations)?

Yes they are necessary.

Which one is the right one to copy to my new set up?

Not sure. There is some good doco on the net about udev rules [1].

Do I need to do anything else besides copying the files to make these
rules take effect?

Restart udev.

How do I get it to take effect (without having to reboot)?

Restart udev.

If it doesn't work and I delete the file again, will I need to do
anything else to remove them from my configuration?

Restart udev after you remove the rules :-)

Restarting udev may be different between distros. /etc/init.d/udev
restart  <-- Something like this may or may not work.

Regards, Keith


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