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Re: [tlug] Graphics drawing libraries

>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Gushee <> writes:

    Matt> I was aware that Cairo was supposed to be the nextest
    Matt> bestest graphics library, but is it really going to deliver?

I don't know; ifnwhen I do get XEmacs support going then I'll care
enough to bug Keith et al about it.  However, it looks pretty good to
me so far in sample implementations (like xsvg).  Also, since it's
pretty pervasive in current stable GNOME (the GNOME librsvg, which is
a thoroughly cruftified original of libsvg depends on Cairo now, and
libgdk as well as libart are being pushed in that direction), I'd
guess it will get as much attention as it needs.

    Matt> Or is there actually a vigorous development effort that
    Matt> simply isn't putting out much info to the public?

Well, basically it's a very small group.  But look at who's core:
Keith Packard.  What does that mean?  Well, Keith wrote Cairo, and
Xrender, and Xft, and fontconfig, and the Linux kernel ... well, maybe
not the Linux kernel.  :-)  As one man bands go, pretty impressive.

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