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Re: [tlug] CD Burning Howto-- Thanks Godwin

>>>>> "Godwin" == Godwin Stewart <> writes:

    Godwin> Back when I was a Linux newbie - well, I still am a newbie
    Godwin> in some respects given that I end up learning something
    Godwin> new almost every day - I just wanted to know how to get my
    Godwin> modem to dial into the Internet so that I could use the
    Godwin> GNU/Linux side of my then dual-boot machine on the 'Net.

The man page for dip was quite enlightening.  :-)

Really, modem + ppp has got to be the single hardest thing to deal
with, at least as of 7-10 years ago.  I wouldn't take that as a
reasonable standard for documentation.

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