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Re: [tlug] CD Burning Howto-- Thanks Godwin

>>>>> On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, David Riggs <> wrote:

    >> It strikes me that most of the howtos there are simply
    >> explanations of the command line options of the various pieces
    >> of software involved - a bit like man pages really.

Things have gone way downhill, I guess.  The HOWTOs I read (many years
ago now) on things like VPNs and network configuration were quite good.

In general I have to say I'm long been disappointed in most of the
"how to do X with your computer" literature out there, whether on the
net or in print.  Mostly you get the feeling that author should have
just written a script and been done with it for the single-task
oriented stuff, while the more general stuff about "how to program
with language Y" or "how to troubleshoot device Z" tends to contain a
lot of "information" that's just plain wrong for the context.

I have to wonder, isn't there any way to sell real content as opposed
to half-baked tutorials?

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