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Re: [tlug] Graphics drawing libraries

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
>>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Gushee <> writes:
>     Matt> There's also libart:
> Last I looked GNOME was deprecating libart, in favor of Cairo.

I was aware that Cairo was supposed to be the nextest bestest graphics 
library, but is it really going to deliver? The Web site gives the 
impression of an (overly?) ambitious project being ... very ...slowly 
... carried forward by a few diehards. Or is there actually a vigorous 
development effort that simply isn't putting out much info to the public?

I've been meaning to play around w/ Cairo, but as you mention
> lighterweight than Ghostscript. :-)  Of course they're documented the
> way Keith Packard documents everything,
so I haven't found the time yet.

Matt Gushee
The Reluctant Geek:

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