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Re: [tlug] Linux Laptop

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 12:19:39 +0900, "Michael Smith" <>
> I've been using a T42p as my main machine for several months now [...]
> The one complaint I have about it is that it is very heavy.

That's funny... my T42 (2378FVU) without the "p" is quite svelte and
lightweight.  Maybe the "p" stands for "paving stone" :-)

> But I don't use an external monitor, and now that I've been using the
> built-in one at 1600x1200, I think I would have a very hard time
> getting used to a machine that had 1024x768 as its maximum screen
> resolution.

Wow... that seems like a lot for a laptop.  My T42 is 1400x1050 (which
is plenty for me :-)

> One nice thing about the thinkpoint/button setup is that you can
> pretty easily switch back and forth between using your right and left
> hand with it. I pretty much need to that in order to try to mitigate
> the permanent damage I am probably doing to my hands and wrists by
> using it. When the pain it causes in my right hand gets unbearable, I
> just switch to using my left for a while.

You can go even easier on your hands by learning how to use the
keyboard for navigation.  It's rare that I actually need to use a
pointing device, except to click in web pages.  There's so much you can
do on the keyboard, esp. if you use a window manager that has good
support for it, like IceWM.  I've been using IceWM for about a year now
and love it.  It's not that hard to retrain your mind to get around on
the keys.  Give it a try :-)  I'll be happy to provide advice on what
I'm doing if it's useful.

Here's a hint I just learned recently: use Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn to switch
among tabs in Firefox.  Incidentally I'd love to remap this to a
different key sequence (shift-left/right arrow) if anyone knows how :-)
I've looked around a bit, but can't find if there's an extension to
allow this.


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