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Re: [tlug] Mozilla 1.8a3 AdBook Problem

> I still haven't gotten over the trauma of years of using MicroMuck
> junk.  I had thought I couldn't go back - only forward.  I reinstalled
> 1.7.8 and - banzai!  It's fixed!

From what I understand, the security fixes that were introduced
in Firefox from 1.0.3 or so to the current 1.0.6 were fairly
serious. I guess if you're back to 1.7.8 on Moz, that you haven't
got most of those.

From what else I understand, the Moz suite is basically a total lame
duck at this point.  At some point very soon it won't be getting
anything but maintenance updates.  Maybe it's time to suffer a little
pain and switch over to Firefox.  At first I was put off by the fact
that it seemed to have a lot fewer preference controls than Moz, but in
time I've found that I can basically make the settings that were
important to me, so it's not an issue any more.  Plus there are lots of
extensions, including more than one to let you drill down to tons of
preference settings.


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