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Re: [tlug] Mozilla 1.8a3 AdBook Problem

>>>>> "Lyle" == Lyle Saxon <Lyle> writes:

> Attempting to use the address book in Mozilla (1.8a3) crashes the
> program.  There are no error messages - it just vanishes.

Try starting from the command line; Moz derivatives typically produce
copious diagnostics on stderr, but those get redirected to /dev/null
if you launch from an icon or desktop manager menu.

    Lyle> I had thought I couldn't go back - only forward.  I
    Lyle> reinstalled 1.7.8 and - banzai!  It's fixed!


I have one hypothesis about your crash, though.  At least with
Firefox, the UI is written in some XML/Java sewage (XUL), and if that
doesn't get updated, Firefox gets _really_ confused and (under the
sawfish window manager, anyway) you get a bunch of unclosable error
dialogs.  Usually the problem is fixed by restarting Firefox, but
occasionally I've had to export to a text file, delete the internal
version, and reimport personal data from the text file.  This kind of
thing has been going on for many years with Moz derivatives.

You might find that export from old-style adbook/delete/import to
new-style adbook "fixes" the crash (it's still a bug, though).

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