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Re: [tlug] Mozilla 1.8a3 AdBook Problem

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:

> Attempting to use the address book in Mozilla (1.8a3) crashes the 
> program.  There are no error messages - it just vanishes.  I don't 
> mind loosing an Internet page now and then, but attempting to use the 
> address book crashes the program?  Typing in the beginning of an 
> address or name and having it automatically appear in the To: field 
> isn't a problem and if the address is copy-pasted from the address 
> book (via Properties), then it works, but... what-what-what, 
> why-why-why??
> Lyle
I still haven't gotten over the trauma of years of using MicroMuck 
junk.  I had thought I couldn't go back - only forward.  I reinstalled 
1.7.8 and - banzai!  It's fixed!


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