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Re: [tlug] Mozilla 1.8a3 AdBook Problem

On Sun, 28 Aug 2005 22:29:42 +0900
"Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon" <> wrote:

> Attempting to use the address book in Mozilla (1.8a3) crashes the 
> program.  There are no error messages - it just vanishes.  I don't mind 
> loosing an Internet page now and then, but attempting to use the
> address book crashes the program?  Typing in the beginning of an
> address or name and having it automatically appear in the To: field
> isn't a problem and if the address is copy-pasted from the address book
> (via Properties), then it works, but... what-what-what, why-why-why??
> Lyle

I don't think we can give you the answer here. There are tools to find
out what went wrong like strace, gdb, etc. If you cannot use these, then
report the bug after you found out how to reproduce it.

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