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Re: [tlug] GUI font tools

On 8/29/05, Matt Gushee <> wrote:
> I'm considering developing a desktop utility that would help end users
> install and manage fonts; although several such tools exist, it doesn't
> seem to me that any of them are great (please don't hesitate to correct
> me if I'm wrong--I don't want to reinvent the wheel). And I have the
> audacity to think I can develop a great one.
> But first I need more info about what exists already. If you have
> experience with any desktop font tools, I'd like to know your answers to
> any or all of the following questions:
> - What is the tool called, what does it do, and where can I find it?

Acme. You might get some great ideas from reading the plan9port
sources. Code at  Acme, an editor,
provides the capability of managing/selecting fonts with a mouse
click. Acme is terrific. We at tip9ug even use it as a replacement for
power point during presentations. Don't expect to read a lot of code.
Simplicity, Clarity and Generality is practiced in Plan9port. The
maintainer of Plan9port is Russ Cox. Acme was written by Rob Pike.

Happy hacking.


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