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[tlug] GUI font tools

Hi, all--

I'm considering developing a desktop utility that would help end users 
install and manage fonts; although several such tools exist, it doesn't 
seem to me that any of them are great (please don't hesitate to correct 
me if I'm wrong--I don't want to reinvent the wheel). And I have the 
audacity to think I can develop a great one.

But first I need more info about what exists already. If you have 
experience with any desktop font tools, I'd like to know your answers to 
any or all of the following questions:

- What is the tool called, what does it do, and where can I find it?

- What type of license does it have? If it is proprietary, how much does
   it cost?

- From a *desktop user's* perspective, does it provide useful
   functionality? (I'm not asking you to pretend to be Joe
   Brand-New-Convert-from-Windows ... just your own real-life
   observations are fine)

- Is it easy to use? Easy to *learn* to use?

- Does it look nice?

- Are there any additional features you wish it had?

- Is it being actively developed? If not, do you think that is because
   the project has achieved all its goals, or because the developers lost
   interest/got too busy/etc.

And any other comments are welcome, of course.


Matt Gushee
Englewood, CO, USA

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