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Re: [tlug] Mozilla 1.8a3 Problem & mail clients

> If I'm forced to discontinue using the Mozilla e-mail client, then
> what is the nearest equivalent?  Thunderbird I suppose... which I
> stopped using as it was much too close to the hated OutMook for my
> tastes....

I'm not sure I see how Tbird is closer to OE than the Moz mail client.
I've had my troubles with Tbird, though, and it's not one that I jump to
recommend.  Lately I've been using Kmail at work (under SuSE 9.3), and I
like it a LOT. It gave me some trouble at 1.7.x, but with the current(?)
version 1.8, it seems to have become more robust (maybe just my limited
viewpoint, but the thing that bugged me most was fixed :-)

One thing I love is that it is designed with keyboard navigation in
mind: up-down arrows scroll the message pane, right-left arrows scroll
through the message list, so you don't have to tab/shift-tab back and
forth between the two :-{

I haven't yet tried Kmail with Japanese, or with disconnected (off-line)
IMAP, both of which are necessary for home use for me.  If you try it,
I'd like to know how it works for you.

> And for a webpage composer.  I'm sure there are much better tools
> available than Mozilla Composer, but I've gotten used to using that.
> Any suggestions for a replacement?

I'll second the guy who said "vim" :-)


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