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Re: [tlug] Japanese page has been revised

    Although this has very little to do with the subject of the thread, 
I just thought I'd mention that I actually did get my printer to work, 
and without too much pain, either. It wasn't exactly easy, but the 
helpful people on the CentOS mailing list walked me through it.
    And, also of significant note, it turns out that the Japanese Canon 
web site has driver support available for download for all their models, 
whereas the US Canon doesn't. So in a reversal of the what's usually the 
case, it was actually fortunate that I had a Japanese model printer.
    A Canon Pixus ip3100, by the way. Prints beautifully with Linux. See 
the thread here for details:

    Now, I had my Palm Pilot connecting, but then lost it again when I 
had a mix up with my Gnome settings. So back to Palm Pilot configuration...


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