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Re: [tlug] Japanese page has been revised

Scott Robbins wrote:
> Well, if anyone is interested, I have done an almost complete rewrite of
> the Japanese in *nix page.  
> Thanks to David for his newcomer's view, which was a tremendous help,
> and Stephen, as always, for insightful comments.

And thank you for writing it. At some point I'll undoubtedly make use of 
your Arch Linux info ... my old kinput2/canna setup is working okay, but 
sooner or later I'll need something better. Your thorough coverage of 
the detailed procedures will come in handy.

I do think, though, that someone, somewhere ought to provide an overview 
of how Japanese input works and what kinds of software components are 
needed. It seems to me that, back in the day, Craig Oda's documents did 
a pretty good job in that respect. They're very out of date now, and 
apparently no longer available, but they certainly helped me and many 
others to understand concepts like "input method" and "conversion server."

Matt Gushee
Englewood, CO, USA

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