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Re: [tlug] Japanese page has been revised

I don't seem to be getting Matt's posts so I'm replying to Scott.  I
wonder why my spam filter doesn't like Matt?  Stay tuned ....

    Scott> On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 02:01:43PM -0600, Matt Gushee
    Scott> wrote:

    >> I do think, though, that someone, somewhere ought to provide an
    >> overview of how Japanese input works and what kinds of software
    >> components are needed. It seems to me that, back in the day,
    >> Craig Oda's documents did a pretty good job in that
    >> respect. They're very out of date now, and apparently no longer
    >> available, but they certainly helped me and many others to
    >> understand concepts like "input method" and "conversion
    >> server."

You could always buy Linux Nihongo Kankyo.  :-)  I'm thinking about
revisiting that stuff, in English this time.  Sortof a secant to Ken
Lunde's progression.  :-)  I'll have to talk to Tim O'Reilly about the
copyrights on the English text of LNK (I think we kept those, but I'm
not sure), and the other authors.

    Scott> I think Dr. Mike's page does that, doesn't it?  

that's certianly the first place I'd look.

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