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Re: [tlug] Japanese page has been revised

Just wanted to let you, and the world, know that I followed the
instructions on your page and it works beautifully.
I was composing an email with Canna and it was somehow just a little
weird. Hard to explain in concrete terms, but the kanji it suggested and
the way it would break up longer sentences was not at all intuitive.
Enough to make me want to change.
So I followed your instructions, and they went smoothly. The only thing
was that when you say to run:
source .bash_profile
... nothing happened. But I just logged out and logged back in, and
everything scim/anthy was running.
Although you guys all spoke as if the only difference between scim/anthy
and Canna was the amount of developer interest, there's actually a few
things I like about scim/anthy over Canna. One is the interface looks a
little less utilitarian. That's important to a newbie like me who needs
to feel that everything was designed to be used, not just to function.
The other thing is that ctrl+space is a lot better as an input switcher
than ctrl+space. With ctrl+space I kept accidentally starting up the
Japanese input, especially when I was typing fast. ctrl+space is a lot
harder to hit by accident. And thirdly, it seems to be actually a little
smarter about suggesting the kanji that are more commonly used.
Actually, there's a fourth thing: the box which shows which kanji are
being suggested show up above where one is typing. In Canna, it would
show up at the bottom of the window, which meant it would sometimes be
partly off screen if my application window was big enough.
So anyway, Canna is dead, long live anthy/scim.
Good work there. I think it's great that you spelled out on the web page
instructions that newbies can grasp. And not only do I now have Japanese
input, I like it better than what I had with MS Windows and their Global
IME. I could never get satisfactory keyboard switching to work in MS.


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