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Re: [tlug] Japanese page has been revised

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On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 10:48:29PM +0900, Dave Gutteridge wrote:
> Scott,
>     Good job on the new web page. I think it's much more clear than the 
> last version.
>     The first thing I notice, though, is that you give instructions on how 
> to get anthy running, not canna, which was the focus of our long thread.
>     You did, of course, start out that long thread by saying that anthy 
> was better. Just now I looked back through the thread but I couldn't find 
> exactly where you recommended anthy. Anyway, I don't think you said 
> exactly what was makes anthy preferable over canna.

Because Stephen said so.  :)  Actually, it's subjective, and seems to be
the preferred solution these days.  Also, I found, installing Core 4
that the only one of the packages installed during setup is canna, so
you'd have to use yum to get kinput2 anyway.  

>     Before I follow the instructions on your page and remove my working 
> canna in favour of possibly improved anthy, I was wondering if you'd be 
> willing to say a little something about what makes you like one over the 
> other. On the web page you say anthy is more popular, but is that its only 
> advantage?

I'm a crowd pleaser. 

Don't remove your current setup at the moment.  I'd be grateful though
if you do this:   Stop canna, install scim, anthy and scim-anthy, change
the .bash_profile variables as directed (just comment out the ones
you're using with a #---keep the LC_CTYPE as that doesn't change) and
see if it works for you.  If so, use it a few days, see if you like it

Stephen had thought that canna doesn't do utf8, but that turned out to
be incorrect--so, you ask, what is the advantage.  I can only say that
it seems a bit quicker and less clunky, if you'll excuse the word, a
slightly nicer gui interface.   There is also skim, designed to work
more with KDE, but I haven't tried it.  

Actucally, I was going to send you a private email with this request,
(that is, will the instrucxtions work for you as a beginner, do you like
it better) but since you asked....

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