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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input on CentOS / KDE

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Robbins <> writes:

    Scott> I don't use KDE and I don't boot up in a GUI.  I think
    Scott> you'd be better off changing it to boot into text
    Scott> mode--you'll also find that your machine boots more
    Scott> quickly.

That's like saying you should switch to vi from Emacs because it
starts more quickly.  If you do most of your work from the GUI,
there's only one consideration: which way requires less attention and
gives you a longer coffee break?  The only good reasons for booting
into text mode are

  - security (if you can operate with a subset of the installed
    programs, deleting the ones you don't need improves security)

  - efficiency (if the console is good enough, you save cycles and
    memory by not starting the GUI)

  - you're pretty sure you're going to have to reboot before you can
    do something useful with the GUI (you obviously are an unstable
    personality, Mr. Robbins, and it's reflected in your preference
    for text mode)

In part this is laziness, in part it's also a belief that people should
boot into text mode.  (To do that, see my faq for Linux newcomers at

There's a question there about changing bootup from text to GUI or vice

The one thing I would suggest, is rather than even running the script,
is simply have the script read

    Scott> #!/bin/bash
    Scott> kinput2 -canna &

    Scott> Then, put the environment variables in .bashrc or
    Scott> .bash_profile.  That is, in .bashrc

    Scott> LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.eucJP

    Scott> I think that would work, though it's untested.

This is weak.  The interactions among the various startup files are
complex, and the user will lose Japanese if he switches to a different
file.  To be robust, this stuff needs to be established in the GUI
startup.  (I don't do KDE or GNOME so don't ask me!)

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