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Re: [tlug] UIM [was: hajimemashite]

Tapio Peltonen ha scritto:

>>activated all the UIM/Anthy default options... now I activate UIM... and I
>>wrote ma-ru-ko. This is the result: 人隊打. :-( Damn, same as before. Always

> know that my uim produced weird output (kanjis but not japanese) until
> I put the line
> (define default-im-name 'anthy)

I created that file, both trying with "(define default-im-name 'anthy)" and
with "(define default-im-name 'anthy')" (missed the second '?!)
  But is behaves more strange than before. Using Shift+Space now... don't do
anything. It is selected the "direct" method of input... so I always use our
alphabeth. If I change from "direct" to "t-code" it returns to behave as
before: ma-ru-ko = 人隊打. :-( I'm so sad...

Uhm... I also have installed anthy-el, installing EMacs too... Opening the UIM
preferences panel it says that I have the .uim file, so it has to load my own
preferences.. and it uses the direct input method... :-( BUT I clicked on the
"switch input method" icon... and now it shows me all the methods!!! I choose
Japanese and I wrote hiragana!!!!!!! Yokatta!!!
  I changed back to direct... and all the methods disappeared!!! :-( I can't
switch back to japanese again... :-(

Well... I have to work on that a little more...
  Thank you for your kindness... I'm very sorry to have bothered all the list
with those stupid questions... But I really think Linux is better than
Microsoft things... so I had to make it work! (^___^)

arigatou gozaimasu,


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