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Re: [tlug] UIM [was: hajimemashite]

Tapio Peltonen ha scritto:

> Are you sure you are using a Japanese conversion engine with uim? What
> do you have in the file .uim? I'm using Anthy and my ~/.uim looks like
> this:
> (define default-im-name 'anthy)

I'm not sure about anything, anymore. :-( I've tried to follow some guidelines
I've found on the InterNet and I think I also have partially messed up with
locales or keyboard config... or so: now GNOME is partially written in Italian
and partially in English and the pipie key does not show pipe but only "\".

I'm so sad about this. I don't know Linux, but, damn, I've just got a Laurea
Degree in Information Technology... I have to get it working fine!!! I really
want to use Linux and to throw away MS systems at all!!!

Now... I've installed UIM and Anthy. In my home I have a .anthy directory that
contains a 0 byte file and I also have a .uim.d directory, not a .uim file...
that is like that:

  +- customs
        +- here there are 13 custom-*.scm files

> It all works fine.

Anyway: I have installed Anthy and the UIM-Anthy packages and I also have
activated all the UIM/Anthy default options... now I activate UIM... and I
wrote ma-ru-ko. This is the result: 人隊打. :-( Damn, same as before. Always
the same!

Where is the problem? Should I throw away Linux? I don't want to do this. :-(



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