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Re: [tlug] MTA (was ...repetitive question...)

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> TMDA is the only package I know of that works better with qmail than
> with sendmail.  With the exception of packages like ezmlm that were
> designed around qmail, and a bunch of packages that any other MTA
> would have in the core distribution, but qmail doesn't to avoid
> "compromising security."

But that is a pretty good practise, IMO. Enable only what you need, and 
you *cannot* be burned by what you "might need, one of these days."

> And there's the rub with qmail; there are lots of patches out there of
> dubious security.  If you get burned by one of them, djb doesn't
> care.  He has explicitly washed his hands.

True. Smart guy, that Bernstein! ;)

> But postfix is written and maintained by someone with as good a
> reputation for security as djb, and there's no comparison when it
> comes to RFC and "best practice" conformance.

Yeah, I keep meaning to give postfix a go. One of these days, when I 
have time (yeah, right!).

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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