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Re: [tlug] MTA (was ...repetitive question...)

>>>>> "TH" == Takeshi Hakamata <> writes:

    >> I switched to postfix couple of years ago... BTW, I started
    >> with qmail because someone on this list (I think it was Simon)
    >> replied to my sendmail configuration question with `use qmail'
    >> :)

    TH> And I was also using qmail when I was working(yes, I was in
    TH> Japan then). Now I use exim though. is pretty much
    TH> like a bad code. I just hate it because it is unreadable. Any
    TH> configuration files should be much more readable than

Jack states that no tluggers use qmail in Japan. Those who used it had
started when they were in Japan but then they left. Those who haven't
used it are still in Japan.

There's no Cabal?..


(sorry, it's friday and it's sooooooooo boring here...)

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