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[tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros


I read all the mails about the last discussion about debian vs redhat vs 
mandrake, etc.
I went to distrowatch but there so many distro that I will spend a lot of time 
proving it all. 
I like Debian but potato is a little bit old and the woody is not still 
stable. I thought about Redhat and Mandrake but they are too big, there are a 
lot of software that I didn't hear of and I don't like some automatism they 
I would like to know if there are a distro base not on software, but on 
hardware. A distro that recognize my hard like Redhat and mandrake does. I'm 
not dislike to install software. It's very easy on linux but the big problem 
for me is the hardware.

Thankyou in advance.

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