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Re: [tlug] MTA (was ...repetitive question...)

Jack Morgan wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 10:52:34AM -0400, Josh Glover wrote:
>>Pietro Zuco>>How to configure sendmail. It's like a mysterious software.
>>You damn right! Use qmail. ;)
> No tlugger that I've talked to admitted they used qmail, except Viktor. He
> left japan so he doesn't count ;-) 

I also have left Japan, so ditto there, I suppose. *sigh*

> There is nothing wrong with Sendmail. It just takes time to learn it. For
> the impatient, there's postfix/exim.

Nothing except that it sucks. ;) No, you are right, Sendmail is as usable as
anything else after you spend zillions of hours studying its wacked out
config language, and are willing to deal with its less than pristine 

I like qmail for its simplicity, as well as the knowledge that it was 
designed with security in mind.

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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